Our consistent research methodology means better reporting and more meaningful statistics. We use the same techniques, question wording, datasheet formats, etc. making results comparable among product categories, end markets, and over time, so that they are easily understood and applied.

Features Benefits
PMA collects data from all key sources: manufacturers, sales channels, end-users Clients receive better understanding of overall market from multiple
sources rather than single source
PMA maintains a by-model, by-country SQL Server database of shipments, prices and specifications Helps clients determine “sweet spots” of the market which is necessary for product planning
PMA’s database contains nearly 8,500 products with up to 120 data fields We are always prepared for client inquiries and the completeness of our data motivates retailer / reseller data providers
PMA prepares detailed forecasts based on industry-wide technology road maps Forces explicit assumptions and enables detailed discussions of the market
PMA combines manufacturer census data with retailer and reseller sell-through Matches manufacturer and retailer habits. More accurate than channel coverage method
PMA’s research team is the most experienced of any display market research team Average 30 years business experience, 17 years display industry experience, 14 years market research experience
PMA analysts provide interpretation, not just raw numbers Unlimited analyst inquiries help our clients with actionable findings