U.S. Sales of Large-Format Flat Panel Displays Finished Year on Strong Note, According to PMA Research

San Juan Capistrano, California – January 29, 2015.  PMA Research (PMA), the worldwide market information experts on large displays, has published their latest report on large-format (32” and larger) displays sold by leading U.S. Pro AV dealers and integrators who serve commercial markets.

Unit sales in December of 32-inch-and-larger flat panel displays rose 12% over last December. Year-end corporate spending drove growth in both commercial-grade and consumer-grade volume. Many of the consumer models are also sold into commercial applications.

In addition to the overall market gains, year-over-year, same-month sales of commercial models outperformed their consumer brethren. This was particularly evident for 50- to 59-inch models. With premium features like edge-lit LED technology, ultra-narrow bezels, built-in media players, and warranties that cover 16+ hours of use per day, the 50- to 59-inch commercial models outsold consumer models by about 3:1 for the full year.

The 50- to 59-inch commercial models also carry significantly higher price tags than consumer models in that same range. On average, the typical commercial-grade product flowing thru U.S. Pro AV dealers and integrators sold through at more than $3,000 street price in 2014 versus about $1,000 for the consumer-grade products. Interactive displays, a subset of the commercial market, sold thru at over twice the ASP of the typical commercial-grade model though on a meaningfully lower volume base.

About PMA Research

PMA Research specializes in worldwide front projector market information, including High-End projectors, Mainstream projectors, and Pico and Personal projectors. Expanded coverage includes U.S. Professional Large-Format Flat Panel Display market information. Their Pro AV Flat Panel Tracking Service offers timely sell-through data and analysis on unit sales, revenues and true volume-weighted street prices of Professional Large-Format Flat Panel Displays sold by leading U.S. dealers, systems integrators, and distributors.

PMA Research was formerly Pacific Media Associates, which was established by Dr. William Coggshall. Dr. Coggshall was a co-founder of Dataquest (now part of Gartner) and helped start the syndicated high-tech market information business. PMA Research has offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company’s US headquarters is located at 25852 Avenida Cabrillo, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675. Phone: +1 (949) 493-4601.  www.pmaresearch.com