Wolf Cinema Launches SDC-40 Cinematic 3D Home Theater Projector

SDC-20-hero-300x214High-end home theater projector manufacturer Wolf Cinema recently announced their latest 2D/3D projector, the model SDC-40. It will be offered as a stand-alone solution, or bundled with an advanced ProScaler™ MK II video processor. It can produce an image up to 14′ wide, and employs next gen three-chip DLP technology for full HD compatibility.

At 3000 ANSI peak white performance and with ultra-deep contrast renderings [>30,000:1 CR], the SDC-40 provides true cinema triple-flash 3D imaging technologies [144Hz]. Advanced 3D viewing modes can be selected for film content, live action sports, TV programming and video gaming. The SDC-40 also offers multiple CMS calibration modes. The optional ProScaler MK II utilizes Wolf Cinema’s E-VariScope™ technology for widescreen aspect ratios such as 1.78:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1 and 2.40:1, without the need for an external anamorphic lens.

The SDC-40 has two HDMI 1.4a inputs, plus one set each of component, composite and PC inputs. Additional options include choice of three extended range primary optics for precise positioning, three optional Wolf Cinema VariScope™ cinema anamorphic lens assemblies, a heavy-duty ceiling mount kit, plus  Wolf Cinema 3D shutter glasses and RF emitter. The SDC-40 can be integrated with home automation and control systems via discrete IR and RE-232 control interfaces.

Initial deliveries of the SDC-40 will begin in November 2014, at a starting Suggested Retail Price of $40,000.

While sell-in data collected by PMA Research shows that shipments of high-end home theater projectors are small relative o the rest of the market, it’s interesting to note that many upscale projector manufacturers are moving a bit “down-stream”. Previous models from Wolf Cinema had a starting price tag over $100,000.