Tursion Introduces Android Based Pico Projector

Auxiliary battery maker Tursion introduced a new pico projector, the TS-102. The new projector uses 3M’s MM200 LCOS LED optical engine to produce 20 lumens at SVGA (800×600) resolution. The TS-102 features an Android 2.1 based computer with an integrated touchpad for displaying image and video files, office documents, e-books and games from its microSD card slot. Built-in Wi-Fi enables web browsing, social media, email and other Internet related activities. The internal rechargeable battery provides up to 80 minutes of run time. Pricing is expected to be US$449, but it is listed as “Currently Unavailable” on Amazon.

Pico projectors with built-in computers aren’t new, Pacific Media Associates’ projector market research has been following several models for some time, but all previous one have used some version of WinCE; this is the first Android based unit to hit the market.

Tursion TS-102 (Amazon)