TI Introduces IntelliBright Technology for DLP projectors

DLP IntelliBright With & WithoutAt the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain, Texas Instruments introduced a suite of algorithms that enable DLP based projectors to appear brighter. Together called IntelliBright, Content-Adaptive Illumination Control (CAIC) and Local Area Brightness Boost (LABB) operate autonomously and can be independently “tuned” by DLP pico projector developers to achieve the desired performance. CAIC operates on a frame-by-frame basis, adjusting red, green and blue illumination strength. The algorithm can maintain constant imager brightness to gain lower power consumption or constant illumination power, which results in higher image brightness. LABB, which also operates on a frame-by-frame basis, identifies dark and light areas within a frame and adds a programmable amount of gain to the dark areas. This brightness adjustment produces a more realistic image.

PMA Research’s projector market analysis has followed the development of DLP imagers over the years as TI has introduced a wide variety of improvements and innovations that have raised the bar for pico projector images.

Texas Instruments (DLP)