TI Expands 4K UHD DLP® Products Portfolio

TI Expands 4K UHD DLP® Products Portfolio

This month, Texas Instruments (TI) introduced two new 4K UHD DLP chipsets. The new DLP470TE and DLP470TP are smaller chipsets, designed to make it easier to implement 4K UHD technology into a broader range of host devices and end equipment.

Developers can now design DLP 4K UHD technology into a variety of end products such as laser TVs, mobile smart TVs, digital signage displays, smart home displays, pico projectors, business and education projectors, and more. The chipsets span a wide range of power, size, brightness and performance levels to help designers achieve any 4K UHD end-equipment objective.

Key features and benefits of the chipsets

  • The DLP470TP is the most compact 4K UHD solution from DLP Products, and is optimized for size and power. Measuring 17 mm by 24.5 mm and supporting brightness levels up to 1,500 lumens, the DLP470TP can deliver 4K UHD quality to equipment such as mobile smart TVs and pico projectors.
  • The DLP470TE is optimized for projectors needing over 1,500 lumens. This chipset is in a larger package, 22 mm by 32 mm, which enables it to withstand the heat generated by brightness levels up to 4,000 lumens.

The DLP470TE and DLP470TP will be in production in early 2018. However, TI believes that new products using these chips will be in the marketplace quickly because of efficiencies in the optics design (because the form factors on these new chips match existing TI products).

Recent research from display analyst firm PMA Research shows steady growth for 4K display products.