Texas Instruments Introduces DLP IntelliBright Image Enhancements

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Texas Instruments introduced a suite of enhancements for DLP imagers. IntelliBright consists of two patent-pending algorithms, Content-Adaptive Illumination Control (CAIC) and Local Area Brightness Boost (LABB). CAIC and LABB operate autonomously and manufacturers can tune them to achieve desired product performance.

CAIC operates by adjusting red, green and blue illumination strength on a frame-by-frame basis and can be configured to maintain “constant image brightness” (for lower power consumption) or “constant illumination power” (for better image brightness). Using the configuration options CAIC provides, manufacturers can balance brightness against power consumption.

LABB, which also operates on a frame-by-frame basis, identifies “dark areas” and “bright areas” within a frame, and adds a programmable amount of gain to the dark areas, resulting in a more realistic and viewable image.

To combat variable ambient light conditions that can affect image visibility, CAIC and LABB offer the option of integrating ambient light sensor readings, making brightness increases and power consumption decreases completely dependent on content and ambient light factors.

IntelliBright is currently available to DLP projector manufacturers for integration into the next generation of New Era projectors and embedded devices.

Texas Instruments DLP IntelliBright