Sumitomo and Sony Announce Green Laser Diode

Sumitomo Electric and Sony announced that they have developed a green laser diode for use in projectors and other display devices. The new laser produces an optical output of over 100 mW of green light at 530 nm. When paired with current red and blue lasers, 182% of the NTSC standard CIE 1976 color gamut can be achieved. The laser diode development is a colaborative effort utilizing Sumitomo’s semi-polar Galium Nitride (GaN) substrate, crystal growth, and wafer processing technologies, combined with the GaN-based laser technology Sony amased through their Blu-ray development. The green seminconductor laser diode realizes a wall plug efficency of over 8%. Pricing and availability were not disclosed. Sumitomo and Sony plan to continue developing green laser diode technology, with the goal of increasing power output, efficiency and laser quality.

Deployment of laser illuminated projectors remains stymied by the lack of commercially viable green lasers and PMA’s projector market forecast will remain conservative until they become readily available.

Sumitomo Electric Industries