Sony’s LSPX-P1Life Space Projector

Sony’s LSPX-P1Life Space Projector

At the 2016 CES tradeshow, Sony showed a new projector, the LSPX-P1, which is part of Sony’s Life Space UX series of products. The ultra-short throw projector can produce up to an 80-inche diagonal image from 22-inches from the projection screen.

The LSPX-P1 projector can also be mounted, and Sony showed the unit throwing images on a table and on the floor. It also features an integrated two hour battery and speaker. The 100 lumen projector measures 3.19″ x 5.16″ x 5.16″ (81mm x 131mm x 131mm), and has a resolution of 1366 x 768.

With wireless capabilities, the LSPX-P1 can link to smartphone, tablets and laptops via WiFi or Bluetooth 4.0. It can also connect to HDMI devices like Blu-ray players and computers. The internal battery is good for two hours of use. The LSPX-P1 features 4GB of internal storage.

This new projector from Sony will be available in Japan in February for around ¥93,000 ($798) and will ship in the US sometime this summer.

In the U.S., unit sales of Pico and Personal projectors through retail and distribution channels increased 20% and 55%, respectively, on a year-to-date basis through November 2015, according to PMA’s monthly pico and personal tracking reports.