Sony Previews HDR-ready 4K Laser DCI Projectors at CineEurope

Sony Previews  HDR-ready 4K Laser DCI Projectors at CineEurope

The new Sony SRX-R800 Series is the first digital cinema projection system combining Sony’s latest-generation native 4K SXRD technology with a laser light source, allowing the projectors to achieve a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. The SRX-R800 models also allow for High Dynamic Range (HDR) content compatibility.

Previewed at this year’s CineEurope tradeshow in Barcelona, the SRX-R800 Series includes four DCI-compliant models. The SRX-R810P and SRX-R815P are 7,500 lumens and 15,000 lumens, respectively and are geared towards smaller theaters and large auditoriums. The 15,000 lumen SRX-R810DS and  30,000 lumen SRX-R815DS dual projection systems are designed for larger theater’s and Premium Large Format (PLF) screens.

All four high-contrast projection systems can be configured for 3D movies. The SRX-R810DS and SRX-R815DS dual projection systems make big-screen 3D movies simple for theater operators, because there is no need to switch out to a separate 3D lens..

Projector operation is managed by an easy-to-use 15-inch touch panel which integrates with any DCI compliant Theater Management System, which allows operators to set up projectors, manage content and easily create show schedules.

The SRXR815P and SRX-815DS 4K laser digital cinema projectors are available to pre-order now and are estimated to ship during the fourth quarter of 2017.

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