Sony Launches SRX-R510P 4K Cinema Projector for Smaller Screens

Sony DC PJThis week, Sony Digital Cinema Europe announced the launch of the SRX-R510P 4K Cinema projector which is geared towards independent cinemas and smaller theater screens. Sony touts the new model as “compellingly-priced, versatile and easy to maintain. The SRX-R510P projector shares the same compact chasis, integrated media block and optical engine as the Sony SRX-R515P projector.

The projector’s compact dimensions simplify installation in smaller booths where space is at a premium. Operation via the large 15-inch touch screen Graphical User Interface (GUI) is compatible with Sony’s Theater Management System for easy projector set-up, content management and creation of show schedules. Remote operation is also supported via a networked PC and web browser.

The SRX-R510P is based on Sony’s SXRD optical engine and comes standard with a wide aperture lens. It offers 9,000 lumens brightness, and a contrast ratio of 4000:1. It’s illuminated by an array of four individually-replaceable HPM (High Pressure Mercury) lamps that provide ample light levels for smaller screens. This multi-lamp array offers the additional benefits of easy lamp replacement, low operating costs and a reduced risk of ‘dark screen’ outages in the event of single lamp failure.

Like all other projectors in the Sony 4K line-up, the SRX-R510P can be adapted for 3D presentation by adding an optional dual lens and filter pack. Playback of alternative content such as live video or Blu-ray Discs is possible via two standard HDMI inputs. The SRX-R510P will begin shipping in Europe in February 2014.

PMA Research has been following the Digital Cinema market from the beginning, and with the switch to digital nearly complete for large-theater chains in developed countries, the move to develop smaller, more affordable models for independents makes sense.