Sony Introduces Waterproof Handycam with Built-in Projector

Sony Handycam HDR-GWP88VE-BConsumer Electronics manufacturer Sony has introduced their latest projector enabled Handycam camcorder, the HDR-GWP88VE/B (/B = black case). Unlike its predecessors, this one is waterproof to 10m/33 ft, the first pico projector with this capability. Sony hasn’t published the projector specifications, but previous and current models produce between 10 and 35 lumens at nHD (640×360) resolution from DLP imagers, more than adequate for their intended purpose of viewing personal movies in a darkened room. The new camcorder also comes in white as the HDR-GWP88VE/W and is currently available in Asia at a suggested retail price of US$800.

PMA Research’s has followed the projector market trend toward embedded pico projectors in popular consumer electronic devices. Sony has enjoyed considerable success with projector enabled versions of their standard Handycam and they continue to introduce more capable models.

Sony (Asia Pacific)