SMART Launches Interactive Projector

SMART has announced a move away from their traditional IWB products with the launch of an interactive projector. The LightRaise 40Wi projector is a pen-enabled, ultra-short-throw projector based on TI’s DLP Interactive technology, that can turn nearly any surface into an interactive learning space.

The projector also comes with a rechargeable interactive pen, a pen holder, USB and VGA cables and an easy-to-install wall mount. The LightRaise 40wi interactive projector offers educators an affordable option for making classrooms interactive. The projector can produce screen sizes up to 100″ in a widescreen format, making it a flexible solution designed to fit into nearly any classroom or collaborative space.

Projector market information compiled by Pacific Media Associates continues to show that interactive projectors are a strong competitor to traditional interactive white boards due to their mobility and lower cost. This seems to be a smart move by SMART!

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