SIM2 Announces Launch of SUPERLUMIS Projector

SIM2SUPERLUMIS_sideThe 2013 SIM2 World Road Show made a stop in Los Angeles today, and the company used the event, held at the Actors Center of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, to launch their new Grand Cinema SUPERLUMIS projector.

The  SUPERLUMIS projector utilizes a 0.95” 1080p DC4 DLP® chipset, an upgraded version of SIM2’s ALPHAPATH™ light engine, and 3D Triple Flash (144 Hz) technology for 3D viewing. The projector boasts a contrast ratio of up to 30.000:1.

There is a choice of two lens types, either High Brightness (HB) or Extended Contrast (EC).  The HB Lens yields up to 5,000 Lumens, and the EC Lens delivers up to 3,800 ANSI Lumens. SUPERLUMIS comes with SIM2 Perfect Fit feature, which enables the projector to display 2.35/2.40:1 video by resizing the image to fill the screen without the need for an additional anamorphic lens.

The projector has all the connectivity options one would expect in a $60,000 projector – HDMI, Composite, RGBHV, Component, RS232, USB and 3D Sync out.

Market findings from PMA Research show that this very high-end home theater market is relatively small, but it is always interesting to see SIM2’s latest models – which make us all wish we could afford a Hollywood screening room at home!