Ricoh Enters the Projector Market

Ricoh Americas Corporation, who is well-known for their digital office equipment and document management solutions, has announced their entry into the projector segment. The initial product line-up will include five models – the PJ X3131, PJ X3241, PJ X 3241N, PJ WX3131 and PJ WX3231N. The 3LCD projectors are all at least 2500 lumens, weigh less than 4.4 pounds, and have built-in audio capabilities.  The “X” models are XGA resolution and the “WX” models are WXGA resolution.

In addition, the PJ X 3241N and the PJ WX3231N have networking capabilities for shared use and remote management. These models also offer PC-free presentations via USB and will connect with document and digital cameras, as well as smartphones.

Pacific Media believes that Ricoh will be a formidable newcomer to the U.S. projector market. They bring a long and credible background in technology and manufacturing, including excellence in optics. And their well-established, multichannel sales and service approach gives them some important and unique strengths in the market

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