Red Digital Cinema Company to Enter Projector Market

Red Digital Cinema Company, who has traditionally produced digital cinema cameras, has announced that they will enter the projector market later this year. They have announced a 3D projector, named Red Ray, which is expected to be a 4K resolution unit geared towards higher-end home theater and commercial cinema use.

Full specs are not currently available, but according to online posts by the company, it will have specifications comparable to competing products in the $25,000 range, but will retail for about $10,000.

With smaller, independent movie chains looking for a digital solution that won’t break the bank, the Red projector should do well.

Pacific Media Associates projector market research shows that the high-end projector segment has continued to outperform the mainstream projector segment in recent years. Although more and more manufacturers move to produce products in this range, it is exciting to see a new market entrant coming from a related industry.

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