QD Laser Introduces A New Green Laser


QD Laser has announced a new frequency-doubled 532 nm compact green laser diode. The device is housed in a module of approximately 0.5 cm³ total volume. The current prototype produces over 100 mW (Continuous Wave) of green light, with a line width of less than 0.01 nm, and and is capable of high-speed modulation above 100 Mhz. Power dissipation at 100 mW output is about 900 mW, equating to a wall-plug efficiency of more than 10 percent. QD Laser revealed that they are currently sampling a 5 mW version of this module and will begin sample shipments of a 50 mW version in 2012Q2. Mass production of the product is planned for 2012Q4.

As witnessed by PMA’s extensive projector market research, several companies have recently introduced synthetic green laser modules to take advantage of the ongoing delay in shipments of direct diode green lasers.

QD Laser