Pioneer Announces Cyber Navi ARHUD

Japanese automotive electronics maker Pioneer formally announced the Cyber Navi, an aftermarket heads-up display (HUD) that projects navigation and other information over a car’s windshield in front of the driver. PMA first reported on this product, dubbed the ARHUD (Augmented Reality Heads-Up Display) when concept prototypes were demonstrated at CES 2011 and CEATEC 2011. Using a new version of the MicroVision PicoP laser pico projector engine, the ARHUD projects a 720×260 resolution overlay onto an overhead mounted transparent screen to display a 37″ screen 10 feet in front of the driver’s eyes. The main navigation unit, which mounts in the car’s traditional radio location, communicates with the ARHUD via Bluetooth to present the driver with navigation and other data. Initially, there will be two models with slightly different navigation specifications. When the Cyber Navi models begin shipping in late July in Japan, retail pricing will begin at around US$3,800.

PMA’s projector market research has been tracking new product developments to bring embedded pico projector technology to non-projector markets, like this automotive navigation device from Pioneer.

Pioneer (PDF)