PicoPocket Introduces Collapable Screen

PicoPocket is a screen for pico projectors that stores in a 7″ diameter, 1″ thick pouch by circularly folding in on itself. Unfolded, the 21″ diagonal 4:3 rectangular screen (17″ x 13″) is kept flat and taught by a spring sewn its the border. The screen is white on one side and grey on the other to allow the user to adjust to different viewing environments. PicoPocket is currently in the prototype stage of development and an OEM manufacturer selected. Pricing was not disclosed, but availability is planned for August 2012.

Several screen makers offer portable screens targeted at the pico projector market, often in portfolio format, but those screens are typically too large to be carried comfortably. PMA’s projector market research team has seen portable screen concepts before that fold like this, but their round projection surfaces made them less than ideal for projectors and none ever reached the market. This is the first folding screen of this type to offer an appropriately rectangular shape.