Panasonic Europe Announces New 20,000 Lumen Projectors

Panasonic Europe announced 3 new projectors for large-venue and rental & staging applications. The series consists of two 3-chip DLP 20,000 lumen units –  the PT-DZ21K with WUXGA resolution and the PT-DS20K with SXGA+ resolution. These two units incorporate four new 465w UHM lamps, have a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and can be equipped with 3D capabilities via an external emitter. The 3D option will handle both active and passive 3D viewing. They also have edge-blending capabilities and a lens memory feature. They configure easily for curved screen applications and can handle projection to unique shaped screens via bitmap masking. Also  announced was the PT-DW17K which is WXGA resolution with 16,500 lumens of brightness.

All three projectors boast a 2,000 hour lamp life, have a 12,000 hour maintenance free Eco Filter and a low power consumption of 2500w. Panasonic boasts that these projectors are the smallest and lightest in their category, making them ideal for large-venue and rental & staging installations. No pricing is available yet and they are expected to start shipping in June.

Pacific Media’s projector market research shows that the high-end projector segment (5000+ lumen projectors) continues to out-perform the overall projector market, so it’s likely that these units will be successful.

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