Panamorph Partners with Projector Manufacturers for Widescreen Home Cinema Improvements

Lens manufacturer Panamorph recently announced their new low-cost CineVista wide-screen lens and a partnership with Epson, JVC and Sony in the adoption of their new Electronic Color Correction (ECC) projector technology.

With a price point at just under $1,500, the CineVista horizontal expansion lens offers an ultra-wide cinematic experience when combined with a compatible 16:9 projector and 2.35:1 screen. The CineVista lens system alleviates the black letterbox bars, and Panamorph claims the lens delivers an 80% larger picture than wide-screen movies shown on a conventional 16:9 Flat Panel screen of the same height.

In the past, one of the problems with lower cost anamorphic lens solutions was color “fringing” that increased toward the edges of the picture and diminished image sharpness, known as lateral chromatic aberration. To correct this irregularity in the image, Panamorph and their partners in the projector industry are rallying to have the new electronic color correction (ECC) projector technology, which Panamorph has patented to work with their anamorphic lenses, be adopted on an industry wide basis.

This new technology is already available in certain projector models from Epson, Sony, and JVC with more on the way. Panamorph is working to make sure that this technology is available in the next generation of projectors from any and all manufacturers.

Recent projector market research from Pacific Media Associates shows that the volume of home theater projector sales increased by 13% on a y/y, same-quarter basis with Wide XGA driving the 2012Q3 gains, so consumers are seeing the benefit of two-piece projection systems in the home.