OSRAM Introduces New, More Powerful Projector LED

German LED maker OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has added another product to their OSTAR Compact series of projector LED light sources. Designed specifically for use with 0.40″ to 0.55″ imagers, the OSTAR Compact 2×2 can produce 2,400 lumens in pulse mode at an operating current of 6 amps. OSRAM says that translates into a 400 lumen projector when one set of Red, Blue and Converted Green LEDs is used. Measuring 5.8mm x 4.6mm, the new package contains two 2mm² chips. Each chip can be individually controlled, allowing the drivers to be individually designed – for high voltage and low current, or vice versa – to gain maximum system efficiency. OSRAM claims that the 85 lumen per mm² performance of the OSTAR Compact 2×2 makes it the brightest LED in its package class. Pricing and availability were not disclosed.

In the course of PMA’s projector market research, we see a trend toward brighter models with little or no increase in the physical size and overall power consumption of the projector. Along with recent imager improvements, new, more powerful LEDs like this one make that trend possible.

OSRAM Opto-Semiconductor