Optoma’s New HD37 Home Cinema Projector

Optoma HD37Optoma has announced a new home cinema projector – the HD37. The new model has native Full HD 1080p resolution coupled with 2600 lumens and a 20,000:1 contrast ratio. It also features an all glass multi-coated lens with vertical lens shift and 1.5x zoom ratio.

The HD37 is VESA 3D Sync Port compatible with 2D to 3D capability, and is full 3D ISFccc Certified, for day time and night time viewing modes. It also features Optoma’s fifth-generation DynamicBlack™ technology.

The HD37 supports MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) which allows Mobile Devices (smart phones, tablets) and Media Sticks to connect directly to the HD37 for playback of music, pictures and videos.

The HD37 is full 3D 1080p enabled for 3D high resolution viewing of movie and gaming content via DLP Sync 3D Glasses or RF 3D Glasses.

PMA Research has observed steady growth in the worldwide home theater projector market and expects that to continue through 2018 as more people realize the theater-like experience they can achieve at home with a projector.