Next Gen Classroom and Business Projectors from Hitachi

The Business Solutions Group at Hitachi has announced six new models in their CP line of 3LCD projectors. Ranging in brightness from 2400 lumens to 4000 lumens, there are two WXGA models (CP-WX2515WN and CP-WX3015WN) and four XGA models (CP-X2015WN, CP-X2515WN, CP-X3015WN and CP-X4015WN). All of the models offer network capability using Hitachi’s PJMan Projector Management software. They also come standard with Hitachi’s new Multi Projector function, allowing users to project the same image to as many as twelve projectors simultaneously. Moderator Control mode lets users network up to 50 computers to the projector, with one computer acting as the moderator. This feature allows the moderator to select images from students computers in class or a colleagues computer during meetings and collaboration sessions.

The new models have a new green feature as well, designed to  conserve energy and lower total cost of ownership. They employ a lamp power control function called ImageCare, developed by Philips, which automatically changes lamp brightness based on the brightness of the projected image.

Two USB Type A inputs allow these projectors to use an optional wireless adapter and the Hitachi Wireless Pen Tablet  USB receiver at the same time.

Projector market research firm Pacific Media Associates recent findings have shown that the education and business markets for projectors has remained fairly flat in recent quarters. New, innovative products like these could help to stir the market up a bit.