New Signature Series 3D Projectors from Runco

High-end home theater projector manufacturer Runco has announced two new models in their Signature Cinema™ series: the SC-30d and SC-35d.  These new 3,500 lumen models can be customized with Runco’s ColourPalette™ design options in either standard Signature colors or custom shades.

These new 3D models utilize a Runco-patented technology to enable the use of digital cinema lenses in a proprietary optical system. The SC-30d and SC-35d are available with Runco’s optional and exclusive CineWide™ and CineWide with AutoScope™, which use McKinley anamorphic lenses to show content with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio with out the black bars usually associated with letterbox content.

Signature Cinema projectors come standard with three pairs of active 3D glasses, and rely on frame sequential 3D technology allowing users to view 2D and 3D content on the same screen, with full 1080p HD resolution delivered to both eyes.

The SC-30d and SC-35d models ship with Runco’s new Dimension Digital Controller™ (DC-300), for enhanced 3D performance, video processing and calibration. As a rack-mounted external processor, the DC-300 offers flexible connectivity options by connecting to all other source components, with a single-wire connection from the processor to the projector.

Slated to ship in October 2012, retail pricing for the Runco SC-30d starts at $39,995 and the Runco SC-35d at $44,995.

A recent consumer end-user survey by projector market research firm Pacific Media Associates found that interest in home theater projectors is up. A higher portion (18%) of large-screen shoppers expect to buy a projector vs. other types of large displays compared with their previous survey (11%). High-end buyers looking for a dedicated home-theater unit will surely be impressed with these new Runco models.