New Projector Line from JVC Focused on Performance Enhancements

The new JVC 2013 projectors are the Procision Series DLA-X95R, DLA-X75R, DLA-X55R and DLA-X35, which will be marketed by JVC’s Consumer AV Group, and the Reference Series DLA-RS66, DLA-RS56, DLA-RS4810, DLA-RS48 and DLA-RS46, which will be available through JVC Professional Products Company. These new models offer improvements in picture quality and all except for the base model in each series incorporates upgraded e-Shift technology.

JVC’s e-Shift technology, introduced a year ago, upconverts and scales content to a 4K signal. The improved technology, now called e-Shift2, replaces a two-band filter with an eight-band filter  to apply enhanced image correction to more areas of the image.

The new Procision and Reference series projectors also include a new illumination system with a new lamp and power supply to improve brightness over the life of the lamp. A new polarizing wire grid has been implemented to bump up native contrast. All new JVC projectors are 3D capable and employ new circuitry and a new optical engine to reduce cross-talk.

New active shutter glasses us RF rather than IR signals for more stable synchronization and there are additional lens memory settings for added flexibility. Some models have a cabinet choice of white or black.

The new line of JVC projectors will be available in November at the following prices:

DLA-X95R and DLA-RS66          $11,999

DLA-X75R and DLA-RS56          $7,999

DLA-RS4810                       $5,095

DLA-X55R and DLA-RS48          $4,999

DLA-X35 and DLA-RS46            $3,499

Projector market research firm Pacific Media Associates has found that while true home theater enthusiasts appreciate image quality enhancements like the ones in the new JVC line up, there is still some price sensitivity. With four models under $ 5,000 JVC seems to be offering the best of both worlds with these products.