New High-End “360-Degree” Projectors from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi has announced three new projectors in their high-end performance series. The XL7100U is 6000 lumens with XGA resolution. The WL7200U is  5500 lumens with WXGA resolution. Finally, the UL7400U is 5000 lumens with WUXGA resolution.

All three models offer 360-degree projection and geometric warping so images can be displayed on curved, bent or arched surfaces. These units can be used in front or rear projection mode…and on the floor or ceiling. They also offer multiple lens options, power zoom and focus, and have horizontal lens shift. In addition, they employ a new roll-up filter feature, and the filter can be set to roll automatically every 500, 700 or 1000 hours.  Stand-by mode and an auto power-off setting help keep the cost of ownership down.

The XL7100U and WL7200U have begun shipping and the UL7400U will be available in March.

Pacific Media’s projector market research has shown high-end units continuing to out-perform the overall projector market, so these units should be well received.