NEC Launches Cinema Projector with Laser Light Source

NEC nc1100lNEC’s Digital Cinema division has launched the NC1100L Digital Cinema projector, a laser-light source projector targeted to exhibitors with small screens or projection booths as well art houses, mobile cinemas, and theaters in universities and public buildings.

NEC is touting the NC1100L projector as the industry’s first compact lightweight laser projector that is exhaust free for installation within the theater or projection booth. The NEC Integrated Media Server (IMS) and 2TB RAID5 Storage Server offers multiple connectivity options and savings with fewer peripheral devices needed. In addition, the unit is High Frame Rate (HFR) capable.

Key features of the NC1100L Digital Cinema projector include:

•  20,000 hours of expected light source usage
•  2048 x 1080 resolution and 1750:1 contrast ratio
•  Several bayonet lens options, enabling motorized zoom, focus and shift capabilities
• Suitability for floor and ceiling installation with no exhaust system required
• Air cooling with dust-preventing electrostatic filter
• 2 x 3GSDI, and 1 x HDMI Interfaces, advanced network and built-in GPIO functions

PMA Research has been following the digital cinema market since it’s inception. While developed countries have peaked in terms of digital conversion, these smaller Digital Cinema projectors are in demand for smaller screens in theaters and organizations who hasdd not previously been able to afford the larger, more expensive  DCI-compliant models.