NEC Display Announces New Laser Phosphor Digital Cinema Projector

NEC Display Announces New Laser Phosphor Digital Cinema Projector

NEC Display Solutions of America recently announced today the availability of the NC1700L in its Digital Cinema Projector Series, a dual-laser digital cinema projector featuring red-blue lasers paired with green phosphor.

Designed for 2D and 3D playback on small to medium screen sizes, the NC1700L projector delivers 14,000 lumens with its industry-first RB laser system. The new laser system features red and blue lasers paired with green phosphor to produce a rich color spectrum.  Laser Phosphor projectors offer reduced total cost of ownership and less maintenance because the RB laser design eliminates the need to replace lamps.

The new laser design offers flexibility in other ways, too. The projector does not require a special exhaust system, and it uses a much wider lens shift ratio without sacrificing image quality. In addition, its connectivity options enable non-cinematic content, such as presentations and games, giving cinema operators options for hosting non-cinema events.

The NC1700L represents the next evolution in laser projection for small to medium sized screens and is the latest addition to the Digital Cinema Projector Series, which also includes the single-laser phosphor NC1201L projector.

The NC1700L is available for purchase now. Also available now is the NC1000C, a compact and silent 2K, DCI-certified digital projector equipped with a S2K chipset from Texas Instruments®, designed for theaters with small screens, booth-less cinema, or mobile theaters.

Industry Analyst firm PMA Research follows the Projector market, including Digital Cinema Projectors. Recent findings from PMA Research show that the Laser Phosphor product segment growth is outpacing the rest of the projector market.