Mitsumi Demonstrates Laser Projector Prototype at CEATEC 2011

At CEATEC Japan 2011, Mitsumi Electric demonstrated a laser projector prototype utilizing their 2-axis Laser Scanning Mirror Device and the laser light source module Tatsuta recently exhibited at InterOpto ’11. The laser scanning mirror package measures 5.5(H) x 15.6(W) x 2.0(D) mm. The module produces 720p resolution color images using mirror deflection angles of +/-7° horizontal and & +/-12° vertical and drive frequencies of 60Hz vertical & 25.1Hz horizontal. Mitsumi, which maintains headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, did not disclose pricing or availability.

As the promise of commercially priced synthetic and diode laser light sources begins to become a reality, PMA’s projector market research will reveal more optical engine introductions like this one from Mitsumi.

Mitsumi Electric