Mitsubishi’s New Projectors Aim to Make 3D Home Theater Viewing Easy and Affordable

Last week at the CEDIA Show, Mitsubishi introduced two of its new home theater projectors, the HC8000D and HC7900DW. The HC7900DW and HC8000D projectors can handle 2D-to-3D Frame Rate Conversion, allowing users to watch any 2D content in 3D. These new models use Mitsubishi’s proprietary algorithms in calculating and interpolating multiple depth levels in a 2D image to produce high definition 3D images with minimum crosstalk or distortion. Both units support Mitsubishi’s proprietary 3D glasses (sold separately), and are also compatible with Universal 3D glasses.

Both projectors use Texas Instruments’ latest DLP® .065-inch DMD chip and are 1080p resolution. Two of the latest HDMI™ version 1.4 inputs in each projector support 3D signals and allows for a variety of set up options using multiple video inputs. RS232 support offers plug-and-play connectivity for easy integration with third-party remote operations and control in higher-end installations.

These units will begin shipping in Q4 2012. The 1300 lumen HC8000D will be available through authorized Mitsubishi distributors and dealers and the 1500 lumen HC7900DW will be available through dealers and on the Internet.

The latest findings from projector market research firm Pacific Media Associates found that consumers were less than enthusiastic about 3D projectors at home due to the lack of 3D content. These new home theater models by Mitsubishi and others which will handle 2D to 3D conversion, and make it easy to watch any movie or show in 3D, might help to boost enthusiasm.