Micromax Mobile Launches X40 Projector Phone

Micromax Mobile, a handset maker located in Haryana, India, launched a new phone with embedded pico projector called the X40.  The new model competes nicely with the M9000 Popkorn from Spice Mobile and the G5 Mobile Projector Phone from G’Five Mobile, both introduced into the Indian mobile phone market at the beginning of this year. Few projector specifications have been released, but the sub-US$100 price point leads us to expect 7-10 lumens at QVGA (320×240) resolution. The X40 is otherwise well equipped, with quad band dual SIM GSM, 2MP camera, media player and social media applications.

Since early 2011, Pacific Media Associates has been tracking a significant surge in the popularity of entry level projector phones in the Indian cell phone market. These models are popular with Indian families for sharing photos and videos.

MicroMax Mobile