LLE Ships Universal Laser Retrofit System for 2D and 3D Digital Cinema

Today, Laser Light Engines (LLE) announced the first shipment of their fully configured RGB-laser powered Universal Laser Retrofit System to a leading global provider in the cinema space.

According to the company, the multi-engine system incorporates LLE’s recently announced, fDSG265 despeckled GREEN color modules, designed to provide constant brightness, consistent image quality and color, along with smooth, immersive 3D. In addition, the LLE laser retrofit eliminates the need for replacement of Xenon lamps in digital cinema projectors, and can reduce energy consumption.

The company touts their multi-engine system as projector, chipset, resolution and frame rate agnostic, and says it’s technology is compatible with most major 3D systems. In addition, the light from the engine can be delivered via optical fiber cable, enabling flexible cost and space saving integration options.

With digital cinema conversions rates high in developed countries around the world, the industry looks next to improving the movie-going experience. Survey’s conducted by PMA Research over the past several years show interest is high in laser-based projection. This retrofit solution from LLE should be of interest to theater owners and projector manufacturers alike.