Light Blue Optics Touch Interface Projector Gains FCC Approval

Light Blue Optics (LBO), a Cambridge, UK based laser projector developer, has realized an important milestone in bringing their Light Touch interactive projector to market. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has awarded approval to the product, paving the way for commercial introduction. Light Touch uses LBO’s Holographic Laser Projection (HLP) technology to project a 10.1” WVGA (848×480) image onto a table or other horizontal surface. Integrated infrared sensors detect motion from the users fingers and hands, turning the projected image into a virtual touch screen.

HLS produces images using sets of diffraction patterns shown on a microdisplay. Lasers illuminate the microdisplay, producing the projected image. HLS produces a very wide throw angle that allows large images in close proximity to the projection aperture and is claimed to be more efficient than other projection technologies. This arrangement enables the technology to achieve a Class 1 laser safety rating rather than the Class 2 rating required by most laser projectors.

Light Touch produces 15 lumens for typical video content and up to 35 lumens when displaying symbols. Other features include a built-in 2GB personal media player (PMP), microSD card slot, USB on-the-go (MicroUSB connector), and a 3,600mAh internal LI-Ion rechargeable battery. LBO has not yet announced availability or pricing.

Light Blue Optics Light Touch Product Page