Laser Light Engines and Sony to Demo High Brightness Laser 3D Cinema at NAB

During the upcoming NAB Technology Summit on Cinema, laser-illumination developer Laser Light Engines and Sony will hold the first public demonstration of fully “despeckled”, high brightness, high frame rate, wide color gamut laser technology for silver screens. Laser Light Engines will hook up their new laser light source to a Sony 4K projector.

Laser Light Engines announced their first full despeckling laser at ShoWest 2 years ago. Shortly after, 3D and the use of silver screens took off. It’s much harder to despeckle on a high gain silver screen, so Laser Light Engines went back to the drawing board and say that they have now come up with the solution.

This new laser technology promises brighter images with a wider color gamut and greater energy efficiencies than cinema projectors using Xenon lamps. Laser light sources require less cooling, also adding to the “green” appeal. Laser technology is expected to extend the life of the light-source exponentially.

Finally, Laser Light Engines founder Bill Beck says, “You can truly talk about booth-less projection. Take the business end of the projector, put it in it’s own box, hang it from the ceiling and pipe the light and content in via fiber optic cable”. This also means that older projectors can be easily retrofitted for laser light.

Projector market research firm Pacific Media Associates (PMA) has been following the development of laser light engines for pico projectors, mainstream projectors and digital cinema projectors for several years now. PMA is excited to see where this major development from LLE will take the digital cinema market.