Kodak’s Next-Gen Laser Projection Technology Licensed Exclusively to IMAX

Kodak announced an exclusive licensing agreement this week. IMAX has licensed certain exclusive rights to more than 50 patent families related to laser projection technology developed by Kodak. IMAX has also licensed from Kodak additional patents covering complementary technologies related to laser projection.

This partnership will allow IMAX films to be shown on screens in excess of 80 feet and in dome theaters. It will also enable IMAX exhibitors, who previously only had access to analog films, the ability to show digital content. By going digital, IMAX expects to be able to distribute content to their global theater network with greater efficiency.

Kodak says that the laser technology produces deeper blacks and brighter 3D images than any other projection technology to date. Their new Laser-based technology consumes less power, lasts longer than conventional projection technologies and offers a wider color gamut. IMAX expects to launch on their screens by the second half of 2013.

Pacific Media has long been tracking alternative illumination technologies through our research efforts, and will be watching closely as laser projection makes the jump to the big screen.

To learn more visit:  http://motion.kodak.com/motion/Products/Laser_Projection_Technology/index.htm