JVC Announces New Projector Line-Up at CEDIA

JVC DLAX900_700JVC has announced a new line of home theater projectors which boast improved native and dynamic contrast. The new projectors utilize a sixth generation D-ILA device and a new wire grid polarizer. JVC has also added a user-selectable Intelligent Lens Aperture to dial in deeper blacks. And projectors equipped with 4K e-shift3, the latest iteration of the company’s e-shift technology, feature a 4K signal input (60P) so that now both 4K and 2K sources can be displayed as 3840 x 2160 images.

JVC’s 2014 projectors are the Procision Series DLA-X900R, DLA-X700R, and DLA-X500R, and the Reference Series DLA-RS6710, DLA-RS67, DLA-RS57, DLA-RS4910, and DLA-RS49. All are 3D-enabled and offer 4K e-shift3.

The new JVC projectors use three sixth generation JVC D-ILA imaging devices. This new device features a pixel gap that’s 40 percent narrower than the previous chip for a smoother picture, a 10 percent improvement in light efficiency for a light output of 1,300 lumens, and improved native contrast, which is also enhanced by a new, third generation wire grid optical engine. As a result, native contrast ratios for the new projectors range from 60,000:1 to 150,000:1 and dynamic contrast ratios range from 600,000:1 to  1,500,000:1.

JVC’s 4K e-shift technology was first developed to upconvert and scale 2D HD content to a 4K signal. With 4K inputs, the new JVC projectors can now process native 4K signals as well. Picture quality is also enhanced through a new Clear Black feature that provides local area contrast enhancement, and improved Clear Motion Drive (CMD 3). Several of the new projctors offer ISF certification and are designed to pass the 400-plus tests necessary to achieve THX® 3D Certification (which is pending).

The new JVC D-ILA home theater projectors will be available November at the following prices: the DLA-RS6710  @ $12,499, the DLA-X900R/DLA-RS67 @ $11,999, the DLA-X700R/DLA-RS57 @ $7,999, the DLA-RS4910 @ $5,199, and the DLA-X500R/DLA-RS49 @ $4,999.

A recent forecast from PMA Research expects the home theater projector market to continue to grow by 5% annually over the next few years. 4K projectors are becoming popular as home theater enthusiasts try to “future proof” but will really take off when 4K content is more widely available.