JVC Announces 8K Resolution Projector With “e-Shift” Technology

JVC has announced that they will launch their new JVC DLA-VS4800 8K projector in Japan this month. This projector offers 8K Super Hi-Vision images via proprietary e-Shift technology, which JVC jointly developed with NHK Engineering Services Foundation.

Geared towards large venue applications where image accuracy is essential, the JVC DLA-VS4800 8K Projector uses JVC’s e-Shift pixel technology to create the 8K images it projects. The D-ILA display panel inside the JVC DLA-VS4800 is half the 8K resolution at 4,096 x 2,400 and  projects two images alternated at 120Hz to achieve the 8K resolution.

This network-enabled unit also boasts a quiet fan operation (50 dB), built-in image convergence adjustment, 4 optional lenses, an optional Optical DVI conversion unit for long-distance transmission of high-speed video signals, and a wide array of connectivity choices

The only drawback? The rumored $261,000 (25 million yen) price tag (and that doesn’t include a lens)!

The most recent projector market forecast from PMA Research anticipates high-end, large-venue projectors will outpace the mainstream projector market this year, but only time will tell if there is demand for this projector on steroids!