I-Cubed Research Center Announces “Intelligent Spectacle Vision Creation” (ISVC) for 4K Projectors

This week, I-Cubed Research Center, an image technology development company  founded by Tetsujiro Kondo, an ex-Sony engineer, announced their the “Intelligent Spectacle Vision Creation” (ISVC) technology, which can be applied to content to improve the definition of the background elements found on images. Following its application in Sharp’s 4K LCDs, I-Cubed Research announced a new projector version of the technology.

Like other 4K projector systems already on the market, the technology processes images to four times the resolution of standard high-definition images when projected on a screen. I-Cubed Research hopes to have this technology deployed in projectors beginning this year.

Recent findings from PMA Research has found that growth in the high-end projector market continues to out-pace the mainstream projector market. Home Theater enthusiasts are also embracing new technology.  To this end, manufacturers are continually looking to improve their image quality to set their projectors apart. It will be interesting to see which manufacturers embrace this new technology.