Hitachi Launches Projector Quick Connection App for iPad

Projector Quick Connection enables users to monitor and control multiple Hitachi projectors from a single iPad. The Projector Quick Connection app covers four areas: Projector, Contents, Control and Settings.

The Projector utility allows users to connect to any Hitachi projector on the wireless network by simply clicking the corresponding icon and projector IP address. Then, the  Contents page allows users to display all material from their iPad onto that selected Hitachi projector.

The Control page provides access to control functions for each projector on the wireless network – including Standby/On, Audio Mute, Blank and Freeze. Finally, the Settings page provides access to advanced functions such as Presenter Mode or Display Mode. Presenter Mode enables users to prevent a projector from connecting to another iPad while the Presenter is connected. Display Mode allows the user to select either Full Image mode or 4 iPad mode (which can display content from up to four iPads simultaneously).

The new Hitachi iPad app is available now as a free download from the iTunes Store.

A recent end-user survey by projector market research firm Pacific Media Associates found that US educators preferred the option of being able to move around the classroom when they teach. With education budget constraints still prevailing, apps like this new one from Hitachi, which offer inexpensive “command & control” functions, are becoming quite popular (as is everything iPad for schools).