Hitachi America Introduces New Professional Series DLP Projector

cpwu13kHitachi America has introduced a new Professional Series DLP projector, the CP-WU13K. The 13,000 lumen is geared towards use in large auditoriums, broadcast applications, conference rooms, museums, and live productions.

The CP-WU13K is 3D-ready, and incorporates  multiple digital inputs for use in broadcast applications. It has a high-performance filter to reduce dust sticking to critical components. The CP-WU13K features 3-chip DLP technology and is equipped with 3G SDI, which can transfer 1080p signal via coaxial cable.

The CP-WU13K offers DICOM® (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Simulation Mode, which is ideal for viewing grayscale medical images, such as X-rays, for training and educational purposes. The CPWU13K is also equipped with edge-blending functionality.  A specialized application also offers geometric correction, making projection possible on spherical surfaces and surfaces with corners.

he CP-WU13K features motorized zoom, focus and lens shift control allow for a wide range of installation possibilities, and enables users to make fine adjustments via remote control or an RS232/IP device. In addition, six optional lenses are available with the CP-WU13K.

With Hitachi’s Picture by Picture function, content from two sources can be displayed simultaneously, side by side on one screen. Any two sources can be used, including two HDMI sources, with both images sharing equal screen size. Meanwhile, Hitachi’s Picture in Picture function enables users to display one image inside another image using any two sources. The CP-WU13K also features Hitachi’s Perfect Fit 2 image adjustment system, which corrects for any geometric image distortion and precisely fits the images to the screen or tabletop.

The CP-WU13K is equipped with a dual lamp system. If one lamp fails, the second lamp kicks in. In addition, 24 hours of continuous operation is available with the Alternative Mode, which alternates the use of the two lamps. Embedded networking technology offers the ability to manage and control multiple projectors over a LAN connection. Also, Hitachi’s PJMessenger function allows text messages and audio alerts to be sent on all networked projectors throughout an entire campus or facility.

Recent findings from PMA Research show that high-end projectors are in high-demand, and showed a solid increase in worldwide projector revenues in the first quarter of 2014.