High-End Projectors Shine at InfoComm China

PMA recently attended the InfoComm China exhibit, where high-end projectors took center stage at the show with impressive displays of rear-projection walls, massive edge-blended screens and projection mapping  from such manufacturers as Barco, Christie, and Panasonic.

Barco was showcasing their high-brightness visualization solutions with their 40,000 lumen HDQ-2K40 projector. Christie highlighted their projection capabilities by shooting video onto an irregular
shaped pyramid screen. The Christie booth also featured an 80” rear projection cube wall with 1mm mullion for a control room display.

Panasonic highlighted their projection blending expertise with what first appeared as a rear projection display, but it was actually two projectors aimed at large-flat screens. Panasonic also demonstrated their Solid Shine laser projectors (PT-FRZ470C/FRW430C), which were installed vertically.

While projection mapping, edge-blending and command & control are not brand new developments in the projector market, the demand for projectors that handle these applications continues to grow. Because of this, projector manufacturers to continue to improve the capabilities of large-venue projectors for specialty use.

Findings from PMA Research also continue to show the high-end segment outperforming the overall projector market, and this is due in part to manufacturers and end-users finding new and creative ways to use projectors in entertainment, public display, simulation and command/control scenarios.