“Guerillia” Projection Tactics Used by Occupy Protestors

As an analyst firm who follows the projector market, Pacific Media Associates has seen a lot of interesting uses of digital projectors for business, digital signage and entertainment applications. Most recently, Occupy protesters employed “guerrilla” projection tactics during the Democratic Party State Convention in San Diego, California.

They utilized a 6500 lumen Sanyo projector, a laptop and a truck mounted generator to project huge images on the wall of the San Diego Convention Center, across the street from the hotel where the Democrats were holding their event.

Occupy protestors praised the use of the slide show, saying “This is one of the most effective, environmentally friendly, and visible actions I’ve been a part of since joining the movement”.

While this is a little off the beaten track as far as Pacific Media’s projector market research goes, it is an interesting use of projectors to get a strong visual message across.