Genius Announces BV 200 Pico Projector

Taiwan based consumer electronics maker KYE Corporation announced a new pico projector under their Genius brand, which includes a variety of audio, gaming and computer products. Unlike most LCOS models, which use less efficient Color Filter LCOS imagers, the BV200 takes advantage of Color Sequential LCOS to produce 25 lumens at SVGA (800×600) resolution with 300:1 contrast ratio. An array of red, green and blue LEDs provide the light source.

In addition to a 3,780 mAh battery capable of up to 2 hours of run time, the BV200 features stereo speakers and a built-in Personal Media Player (PMP) with 1GB of internal storage and SD card slot that can display audio, image, video and office document files in popular formats. Interface to a computer or other device is via USB or Composite Video connection.

The BV200 is available now at a suggested retail price of US$269.

While many recent pico projector introductions have featured DLP imagers, PMA’s projector market research has recorded an uptick in models based on LCOS imagers.

Genius (KYE)