Epson Introduces $99 or Less Projector Replacement Lamps for Education Customers

In an unprecedented move, Epson has announced that, beginning this month,  they will start selling projector replacement lamps for $99 or less to schools and education customers. There will be two dozen Epson education-centric projector models which will qualify for the lower replacement lamp prices.

The lower cost replacement lamps are an added benefit to Epson’s Brighter Futures program, a  sales and support initiative available specifically for schools. The program is designed to help educators select and implement the best and most budget-friendly products in their classrooms. Brighter Futures offers special pricing, extended limited warranty coverage for three years, dedicated education account managers and technical support for all Epson classroom products.

The most recent end-user survey done by projector market research firm Pacific Media Associates showed that total cost of ownership, especially among educators, was an important factor when selecting a projector. This move by Epson will certainly make their products even more attractive to schools.