Epson Announces Four Versatile Ultra-Short-Throw Projectors

Epson has announced that it will begin shipping four new ultra-short-throw projectors in Japan beginning February 2012. The compact EB-485WT, EB-480T, EB-485W and EB-480 can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, used on a cart or conference room table, or attached to a projection table. These units can produce an 80-inch image from as little as 18.7 cm away. All units range between 3000 – 3100 lumens, have a 16W speaker and auto-calibration for quick set up. The EB-485ET and EB-485W are WXGA resolution and the EV-480T and EB-480 are XGA resolution.

The EB-485T and EB-480T have built in electronic whiteboard and wireless capabilities. The most noteworthy feature is their ability to support  2 interactive pens simultaneously, allowing for two users to “write on the board” at the same time. The PenPlus feature will be a strong tool for collaborative efforts in the workplace and enhance student learning in the classroom.

Pacific Media Associates research has found that the ultra-short-throw category is one of the fastest growing projector segments in the market.  Epson’s timing with these feature packed models should serve them well.

You can learn more by reading the original Press Release (in Japanese)which can be accessed  via the following link

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