DreamVision Launches Dreamy Geek Android Projector

DreamVision-GeekHome theater projector manufacturer Dreamvision is touting the user interface of their new Dreamy Geek projector as the first and only based on an Android 4.0 OS, which gives full access to the thousands of available Apps on the Google Play market. It also come with a number of pre-installed apps including Angry Birds, News Republic, Sports Republic, Appy Geek, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail. Users can also surf the internet and send e-mail straight from the Dreamy Geek using the included wireless mouse and keyboard.

The new Dreamvision Dreamy Geek is a compact 1280×800 DLP projector with a 30,000 hour LED light source. The ultra-short-throw unit is 500 lumens. It is also network capable via Ethernet or through the built-in Wi-Fi, making it easy to access content from local storages, such as a NAS drive, a PC, a server or a media center.

There are multiple connectivity options, including two HDMI inputs, one PC input, a Sub-D15 connection and one RCA jack. The Dreamvision Dreamy Geek projector can play video games or Full-HD movies with stereo sound via 4 internal speakers.

PMA Research has been following the Home Theater projector market for a number of years and has seen a rebound this spring. This interesting projector is sure to draw attention to early adopters, and mobile gamers who want to move their Android-based games from the small screen to the big screen.