DLNA Embraces Wi-Fi

The Digital Living Network Alliance announced that Wi-Fi Direct has been incorporated into the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines. There have been several proof of concept demonstrations of a specific mobile device connecting to a certain display over Wi-Fi, but every one required a carefully crafted recipe of hardware, operating system, software and device drivers, and the user had to say the “magic words” to make them (mostly) work together. This new certification makes it easier for device and projector manufacturers to design projectors and mobile devices to easily work together. Like Bluetooth, only fast enough to stream video, Wi-Fi Direct can connect Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Smartphones, Personal Media Players (PMPs), laptops and other devices directly to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED mobile projectors. Once connected, DLNA facilitates the flow of images or video. No network connection is required, greatly simplifying the process.

PMA’s projector market research has long been aware of the difficulty and complexity of connecting projectors to mobile devices. The “road warriors” who live with projectors while traveling will welcome a wireless connection that decreases the number of cables they need to carry.


WiFi Alliance