Digital Projection Announces Upgrades to E-Vision and Lightening Series Projector Lines

Digital Projection’s current E-Vision WXGA 600 has been upgraded and renamed the E-Vision WXGA 7000. The new unit will offer 3D capability, 7000 lumens and user swappable color wheels. The dual lamp projector utilizes TI’s dark metal DLP technology and offers multiple lens options. The unit will begin shipping by the end of June, with an MSRP starting at $5,995.

In addition, DPI announced an electronics upgrade to their entire Lightening Series projector line. The newly-named Lightening Pro Series 3D utilizes their NextGen electronics platform to deliver advanced image Warp and Blend capabilities, high frame rate 3D functionality and 3G-SDI input capability. Lightening Pro Series 3D projectors are available in SX+, 1080p and WUXGA resolutions and range in brightness from 20,000 to 30,000 lumens.

According to projector market research from analyst firm Pacific Media Associates, the high-end segment has continued to do well, despite slower recovery in other segments. With simulation and projection mapping becoming popular projector applications, units with advanced warp and blend technology should fare well in the market.