Christie Introduces New 3-Chip DLP® Projector for Simulation

Christie Matrix2Christie has introduced its new Christie Matrix WU7K-J 3-chip DLP projector for simulation applications. The 6,300 lumen projector has many standard features, including full scalability, built-in geometric warping and edge blending, and image processing with 120Hz capability.

The Christie Matrix J Series models come standard with Christie AccuFrame which is  designed to address the needs of the simulation market. This feature allows users to adjust and reduce  image smearing. It supports various frame rates and environments, for accurate display of high speed simulation content. Built-in image warping and advanced edge blending is provided by Christie Twist™. In addition,  the Matrix WU7K-J offers RGB color matching, full control of gamma curves and greyscale tracking and minimum processing latency.

Christie is touting the reliability of their new projector, saying it is compact, powerful, and includes standard in-demand features to help the virtual training world mirror the challenges of the real world.

Projector market analyst firm PMA Research has been following the high-end projector market closely in recent years. Advances in technologies for edge-blending, warping and projection mapping has made this market segment one of the most interesting today.